Dream Wedding Dresses

Dream Wedding Dresses

Monday, December 12, 2011

Basic Wedding Dress Styles: The Column Wedding Dresses

The column wedding dresses style is known for its narrow shape which flows down from the neckline all to the hem. This dress style is also called a sheath, which tends to embrace the body and can show all the curves. The column wedding dress is suitable for all types of weddings, especially for those causal occasions like a beach wedding on the beach.

Due to the simplicity of the column style, there are many ways to change the overall look of the column wedding dress. Different necklines and sleeve lengths will create different looks for you. A column strapless dress will look sexy and elegant, while one wedding gown with boat neck and long sleeves bell will make you look more romantic and stunning.
Column Wedding Dresses

The column silhouette works well with a skirt that in many different lengths. You can use a knee-length wedding dress to go with your casual wedding or you can add animation and lone train to the wedding dress which you will use for a church wedding in winter. Due to the simplicity of style, you can add character and formality to your gown.

The fabric is also an important factor for a column wedding dress. In different fabrics, you can make different looks. If you prefer a slip dress, you should look for fabrics that can flow easily to show the contours of your body, such as chiffon. Heavier fabrics that can stay in shape, such as apricot or silk can make the dress in a good shape and make you look elegant and noble.
Column Wedding Dresses

Things to consider: Similar to the mermaid style, the column dress styles are good choices for those brides who have beautiful figures. For those brides who are not so slim, you should avoid these dress shape which will show your weakness. If you have a large lower body, the A-line wedding dress style can be a greater choice for you. Also, for those girls who have boxy figures that do not have natural curves may consider other dress styles which can be better for them.

Warning: A column wedding dress may not so good for your free dancing. Maybe you can try a modified one to feel better.

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