Dream Wedding Dresses

Dream Wedding Dresses

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The History of Wedding Dresses: The 1940s

During the war years, white wedding dresses virtually disappeared for a time. Clothes rationing was introduced in 1941. Fashion almost ceased to exist during the war years. Some brides who were brave would try to borrow gowns from her friends or family members. Most brides wore uniform for their big wedding day. Those brides who are not in the services also tended to wear a suit. They called the suit "costume" at that time, with a floral corsage pinned to the lapel.

Betty Hutton, the Woolworth heiress got married being dressed in a blue silk costume with matching veiled hat for her big wedding day in 1942. After the war ended when the economy was down and the people needed to save money for the developments of the country, rationing was still in force, but nobody thought that Princess Elizabeth should do it. In 1947, she got married with her husband with a great wedding dress in 1947. Consequently, her gown was sumptuous, with embroidery and beading decorating the flowing satin skirt, with its long train and silk net veil. A royal wedding needed a great royal wedding dress to match it. The sweetheart neckline and wide shoulders continued to be popular for the following few years. However, it was soon to give way in the late 1950s, when Dior made great wedding dresses with narrow shoulders, nipped waist and wide skirts showed to the world.

In fact, the fashion has great connections with the environment, right? 

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